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N.O.L Membership

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Why a N.O.L Membership ?

  • Advantage prices ( Class, Pack, Petit Apprenti, Studio, Event).  

  • Flexibility of the assistance classe's in the N.O.L schedule*. 

  • N.O.L Organic Welcome Bag .

  • 2 free classes for your best friends*.

  • Organic present for your birthday.

  • 1 Free picture of your choice during your 1st studio N.O.L

  • Free access to all our studio of photography N.O.L

* Upon availability




How can you enrolled ?

  • Schedule a tour with us.

  • Fill out the registration form.

  • Pay the annual fee.

A non refundable yearly registration fee is required to confirm N.O.L Enrollment.

Be N.O.L , Be Smart !

Introduce a friend as a new N.O.L student buying any pack A, B, C or D

and receive 1 N.O.L Class for you !

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