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N.O.L Class by N.O.L Kids Academy

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All parents are looking for the best for their kids and N.O.L Kids Academy took care of each details for you .

There are many benefits of getting your kids engaged in a Natural Organic Languages Program in a sensory and natural reconstitution space:

  • A calming effect on the children.

  • Encouraging exploration and discovery skills.

  • Linguistic communication skills promoting.

  • Opportunity to engage and learn how to care the environment.

  • Supporting cognitive development.

  • Promotes body awareness.

  • Improve creativity skills.

  • Help to be familiar with healthy alimentation.

N.O.L Kids Academy has the mission to help your kids to enjoy talking another language and learn each day more about environment.

N.O.L Kids Academy uses the hands-on Montessori and Gotov Education Material & Method, focusing on allowing children to learn in a concrete way and build a solid foundation, which will make their evolving into abstract thinking very smooth .


N.O.L Kids Academy involves kids from one of Montessori’s main principles: children learn at their own pace.  

What's G.O.T.O.V Educational Method?

It's a new educational concept allowing the initiation and the practice of a foreign language by the 5 senses of the child, thus allowing the discovery of nature in relation to taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight.

A body method associating the environment and motivating the child to connect his body and his senses to the world around him in a foreign language.

G.O.T.O.V educational method has been created with the purpose of stimulating all of the senses. This stimulation happens with the help of nature as plants, vegetables, fruits, insects, etc.

Eco-Friendly materials engage the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. It encourages children to explore their senses by discovering, learning, understanding and respecting nature through a specific language.

This helps to promote  language communication, fine motor skills, sensory exploration and responsibility of the kids.

Safe & Organic class. 

During 60 mn, your kid(s) will have fun practicing a language. For NOL, it's important learn and enjoy in a safe and organic environment.

Your kid(s) will be evolved in different activities during 3 steps in 3 different spaces :

  1. N.O.L Forest.

  2. N.O.L Atelier

  3. N.O.L Zen 

Anti slip socks are mandatory to assist to our class to make safe and fun the class.  

Covid-19 safe procedure :

Mask mandatory (except for individual class)

Hands sanitized

Socks sanitized

Safe and organic space:

Organic products

Eco-Friendly materials

Wood furnitures

Nuts free area

3 R Mind (reduce-Reuse-Recycle)

Cleaning supplies are baby-friendly and natural plants ingredients.

Native teachers

Native teachers bilingual or trilingual speaker.

Large experience in full immersion program.

Trained for individual and group classes.

Focus in specific language topics.

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